Mobile Printing

Mobile Print Technology

By embracing the rising trend of mobility, companies can make their workforce more productive without needing additional employees, overworking their current workforce, or buying new tools that add a significant cost to the company’s bottom line.

By embracing the rising trend of mobility, companies can maximize the efficiency of today’s Worker utilizing resources they already have with little to no extra cost to their company. Many employees now have a mobile device and companies have started to adopt the BYOD (bring your own device) concept to allow employees to use their personal devices to transact company business.

From photos to PDF’s, GDP’s Mobile Go is the simple, convenient and secure way to print. GDP’s Mobile Go allows employees to print to any enabled printer via a supported mobile device. With two methods to print jobs, employees can use a mobile device native email client or the Xerox mobile app. Mobile Go reduces the burden on a company’s IT staff by not dealing with individual printer drivers on each of those mobile devices. Employees can choose options like collating, stapling, color printing and secure printing through the GDP Mobile Go App simply if the target printer supports it.

If a company’s employees are constantly in and out of the office but need to steady access all documents, GDP’s Mobile Go can help cut down on cost and risk. With GDP Mobile Go, employees can conveniently print what they need when they need it. By eliminating the need for pre-printed documents, you’ll cut down on file space and wasted paper from outdated or unused documents. Leaving documents with sensitive data lying around can leave your company’s information at risk, even if the document is just left on the printer for a moment. Eliminating the extra documents will not only cut down on clutter but also cut your security risks. Decrease security risks and increase your workplace flexibility with GDP Mobile Go: print solutions for Today’s mobile worker.